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SIHI Philippines at University of the Philippines, Manila

We believe that the health of all Filipinos can be improved through creative and innovative solutions designed and implemented by Filipinos.

The Philippines Social Innovation in Health Hub was launched in 2017. We are based at the University of the Philippines Manila (UP Manila) and we partner with the Department of Health, the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development under the Department of Science and Technology, and other key health and innovation organisations in the Philippines. Our vision is to become the leading institutional partner for transforming the health care system through social innovation in the Philippines. We intend to achieve this by championing social innovation in health with a range of stakeholders through research, capacity building, and influence.

University of the Philippines Manila


UP Manila is the health sciences centre of the University of the Philippines, the country’s national university. Within UP Manila is the UP College of Medicine (UPCM), a unit committed to excellence and leadership in community-oriented medical education and research directed towards the underserved in the Philippines. The SIHI collaboration is consistent with UPCM’s orientation towards finding interdisciplinary solutions and social innovation to improve the health of the people, especially the underserved.


Identify and research social innovations

We identify, recognize, document, and disseminate research and projects on social innovation in health.

Connect and convene stakeholders

We connect stakeholders and partners to each other, and to resources on social innovation in health.

Enhance capacity for research

We enhance stakeholders’ institutional capacity for research on social innovations through health education and training, enabling the translation of evidence into health policy and practice.

Institutionalize social innovation in health

We advocate the institutionalization and integration of social innovation into the national health research and policy agenda.


Innovation identification call

In 2017, we held a nationwide call for creative solutions addressing key challenges in the health system. We received 17 submissions from across the country, of which 4 were selected by an external review panel.

Case study research

Our team of researchers visited each selected innovation to learn and document its work. Full length case studies will be released later this year.

Introductory education modules

We are integrating social innovation in health as a new lens for improving health care delivery among health sciences students as well as others who are looking to learn how to scale social innovations in health in the Philippines.

National annual award

In partnership with the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) and the Department of Health, the Gelia Castillo Award for Social Innovation in Health was launched in 2018. This annual award will recognise outstanding social innovations working to improve the health of Filipinos.

National guideline creation

As part of our work with PCHRD, we are crafting the national guidelines and steps for health researchers to document existing social innovations in health in the country and identify the support needs for the scale-up and sustainability of these innovations.


We are working with our key government stakeholders and partners in setting up a national ad hoc governance committee that will chart the strategic direction of social innovation in health in the Philippines.



Noel is the principal investigator for the SIHI Philippines Hub and a professor of clinical epidemiology at the University of the Philippines College of Medicine.

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He has served in various technical advisory and consultancy roles with the Department of Health and the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development, particularly for their research projects and training needs in epidemiology and programme monitoring and evaluation. He is currently a member of the Committee on Structure, Organization, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Philippine National Health Research System.


Art is the hub manager of SIHI Philippines. He is a nurse by education and training, and his experience includes leadership in areas of design, development and implementation of health information management systems, mobile health, and eHealth capacity building.

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In 2017, he was selected as one of the fellows of the Leaders in Innovation Fellowship (LIF) Programme run by the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering and Asian Institute of Management with support from the UK and Philippine governments through the Newton-Agham Fund.


Harroun, who joined the SIHI Philippines Hub as a research associate in December 2017, is a recently graduated medical doctor who has a keen interest in public health.

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He believes that social innovation plays a big role in keeping populations healthy.


Jean joined SIHI Philippines in 2018 as the SIHI communications coordinator, working to support the communication efforts of the SIHI country hubs.

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She has a master’s degree in media studies and her communications background includes working in media as well as in academic and non-government organizations.


Pam is SIHI Philippines Hub’s administrative associate. She has provided administrative support for several UP Manila-based research, policy, and publication projects, and has served in organizations such as the International Clinical Epidemiology Network-Asia and World Health Organization Philippines.


Dr. Mary Ann Lansang is a technical advisor of SIHI Philippines Hub. She is a clinical professor at the Dept. of Clinical Epidemiology, UP College of Medicine, UP Manila. She is currently a member of the TDR Global Working Group.


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Manila 1000, Philippines